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Mission statement / CSR

Mission Statement

Independent and strong

The aim of our business is economic independence, and at the same time to increase and safegua our market share. Hence, we strive for a healthy earning power and a sound equity base.

Efficient and innovative

We offer first class value-added specialised competence, products and services to our customers. With our market performance we are innovative and clearly focussed. Our organisational structure forms the basis for flexibility, short decision-making processes, open communication and technological advantage.

Clients as the most important partners

Our customers include highly reputed demanding companies in the industrial, construction and service sector as well as extremely discerning private customers. Within our business-concept we view our customers as the most important partners with whom we build sustainable relationships. The interplay between trust, mutual esteem, satisfaction and top-class quality is the guarantee of our shared success.

Geared to good collaboration

We strive together with our customers and suppliers to achieve sustainable partnerships that are
binding and are governed by mutual loyalty, co-operation, correctness and a high level of quality
awareness. Sustainable relationships to firstclass producers are a key factor in meeting the high standards of our
customers’ needs.

Dedicated employees in the epicentre

With an interesting, challenging and clearly structured environment, characterised by mutual respect
and openness within the organisation, we create the basis for a friendly, trusting and productive
working atmosphere. Our employees are marked by their creativity, efficiency and willingness to undergo additional training and are further known for their motivation, reliability, trustworthiness and collegiality. They use their own initiative and assume responsibility in dealing and taking decisions in teams, within their decision-making competence and within the context of the organisations philosophy and are extremely instrumental and significantly involved in achieving the organisations success.

Responsibility towards society and the environment

A sense of responsibility towards our employees, the market, the environment and the state is an
important part of our everyday business dealings and is more important to us than short-term success. We view this ethical, moral and ecological responsibility serious and hence act effectively.

CSR Guidelines - our principles of conduct

The Brütsch/Rüegger Metals AG - Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct of Brütsch/Rüegger Metals AG forms the basis for internal behavior as well as cooperation with partners with regard to ecological, economic and social aspects.

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