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HARDOX tubes are wear-resistant pipes with a hardness of 400 or 500 HBW and are suitable for applications exposed to abrasive wear.

These steel tubes have been developed for the efficient transport of semi-liquid materials such as wet concrete, but are also suitable for solid materials such as metal chips and glass.

HARDOX pipes are used not only as line pipes for abrasive media, but also as wear-resistant rollers.

The most important properties include high strength, hardness and good abrasion resistance.

Product benefits

Designs with HARDOX tubes enable longer service life and product life, more payload, less weight and increased product efficiency over the entire service life. HARDOX tubes have good welding and further processing properties.

Typical applications

  • Wear parts of pump systems for wet concrete
  • Wear parts of mining and woodworking machines
  • Transport and processing of sand (dimensional and shape tolerances according to EN 10219-2)
  • Gravel and stone heaps
  • Transport and processing of cereals and other agricultural products
  • Excavators and excavators (dimensional and shape tolerances according to EN 10219-2)

HARDOX pipe 400

The hardest cold formed steel pipe on the market with a yield strength of 1100-1300 MPa and a tensile strength of 1250-1400 MPa. Good abrasion resistance!

  • Hardness min./max. 360 - 440 HBW according to EN ISO 6506-1

HARDOX pipe 500

Hot formed steel tube with a yield strength of 1250 MPa and a tensile strength of 1600 MPa. Suitable for applications with internal and external wear.

  • Hardness min./max. 470 - 530 HBW according to EN ISO 6506-1
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