Non-ferrous metals

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EN AW-6082 AlSi1MgMn


For medium mechanical loads
(parts in mechanical engineering, plant construction, apparatus engineering, precision mechanics).


  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good machinability
  • Very good polishability
  • Good weldability with filler material (with loss of strength)

Material data sheet, EN AW-6082 - AlSi1MgMn, chemical composition and mechanical properties

EN AW-6060 AlMgSi 0,5


  • construction sector
  • mechanical engineering
  • automobile manufacture
  • food industry
  • piping


  • Cured good cold formability
  • Weldable with all common processes
  • Exception: resistance welding
  • Very suitable for coating/anodizing, also decorative
  • Good machinability in hardened condition
  • Good corrosion resistance, even in seawater
  • Well suited for friction, soft and hard soldering
  • Standard alloy for extruded profiles

Material data sheet, EN AW-6060 AlMgSi 0,5, chemical composition and mechanical properties

EN AW-6026 AlMgSiBi


For the production of pressed and/or drawn bars. As an alternative to the traditional alloys EN AW-6061, EN AW-6082 and EN AW-6012, for mechanically machined turned parts with short chip formation.


  • EN AW-6026 is the low-lead version of the alloy EN AW-6012.
  • environmentally friendly, small traces
  • moderate corrosion resistance
  • excellent machinability due to short chip formation
  • Very low tool wear during machining
  • machined surface is glossy
  • complies with the EU standard (2000/53/EG) for the automotive industry

Material data sheet, EN AW-6026 AlMgSiBi, chemical composition and mechanical properties


CuZn39Pb3/CW614N (Ms58) acc. EN 12164


CuZn39Pb3 is mainly used where cutting and metal-cutting shaping is required. Fittings, moulded parts of all kinds, watch parts, parts for electrical engineering and general


  • Very good machinability
  • Good for machining on automatic machines
  • Very good hot forming properties

Material data sheet, CuZn39Pb3, chemical composition and mechanical properties

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