Steel bars

Steel bars according to EN 10025 in all its variations is the material of choice for general machine, vehicle and steel construction as well as for welded constructions.

We supply you with hot-rolled bar steel S235 (St 37-2) and a comprehensive range of cross-sections and profiles directly from stock.

Hot-rolled steel bars

S235 (St 37-2) according to EN 10025




La   14.00 mm bis 70.00 mm
h     14.00 mm bis 55.00 mm
s        2.00 mm bis 5.00 mm
t         1.80 mm bis 5.00 mm

La   20.00 mm bis 70.00 mm
h     10.00 mm bis 42.00 mm
s        3.00 mm bis 6.00 mm
t         3.00 mm bis 6.00 mm

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