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Flame cut parts

As an important addition to our full range of long products, we now also offer you flame-cut parts. These are often used as starting material for cubic workpieces. Especially for workpieces with flat alignment and complex contours, flame-cut parts are often the most economical variant in terms of raw material utilisation due to the optimum use of materials.

Efficient production of metal blanks

On the material side, quenched and tempered and case-hardened steels are available in addition to standard structural steel grades. A wide range of sheet and plate thicknesses rounds off the wide variety of materials available. Depending on the material thickness, both oxyfuel and plasma technology are used on modern CNC machines. 3D machine technology also enables the economical burning of chamfers and edges.

Please note that when you place an order for flame-cut parts an order production is launched, which is why a delivery time of a few days must be expected in contrast to our daily deliveries of long goods. In addition to your orders, we ideally require a CAD file or the specification of a clear geometric shape with the corresponding dimensions (e.g. plate, cuboid, ring, disc etc.) or a sketch with the specification of your blank.

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