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Steel - Stainless steel - Non-ferrous metals

Seamless precision and hydraulic line tubes

Seamless precision steel tubes are produced by cold forming hot-rolled tubes (hollows) and are characterized by special features such as high dimensional accuracy and smooth surface.

Seamless hydraulic-pneumatic line tubes (HPL tubes) are seamless cold-finished precision steel tubes which are mainly used in hydraulically or pneumatically operated systems as lines and are therefore suitable for tumescent loads.

Seamless heavy-wall tubes and hollow bars for machining

Seamless, hot-rolled heavy-wall tubes are mainly used in mechanical engineering, pipeline construction and steel construction. Our full range covers all common grades dimensions.

Hollow-bars for machining are ideally suited for further machining thanks to their excellent machinability and optimised manufacturing tolerances.

Seamless cylinder-tubes and piston rods

Cylinder tubes are cold-drawn tubes with a reworked inner diameter to achieve a tolerated fit according to the ISO standard. 

Hard chromium plated piston rods and piston tubes are the counterparts which meet the requirements of the ISO standard with regard to outside diameter.

These ready-to-install components are used in hydraulics and pneumatics.

Steel bars

Steel bars according to EN 10025 in S235JR (St 37-2) is the material of choice for general machine, vehicle and steel construction as well as for welded constructions. We supply you with a comprehensive range of cross-sections and profiles directly from stock.

Bright steel

Bright steel in drawn, peeled or ground finish, as structural, case-hardened, quenched and tempered or free-cutting steel, for highest precision and clean surfaces in ISO tolerances h6, h9 and h11.

High-grade structural steel

Hot-rolled or forged high-grade structural steel is used for components in mechanical engineering, vehicle construction and transmission construction. It is also suitable for parts subject to higher stresses in machine tool construction or for shafts and similarly stressed wear parts.

tool steel

Our well-assorted range of tool steel includes all common qualities of cold work steel, hot work steel and plastic mould steel and is completely mill-independent.

stainless steel

Corrosion-resistant tubes and bar steels (stainless steel) in numerous materials (alloys) in almost all shapes and dimensions customary on the market.

Stainless steel is used to meet higher requirements for corrosion and acid resistance. These materials are usually used without further surface treatment.

Aluminium / Brass

We serve you with an attractive range of aluminium products in standard shapes and grades

We also have a practical selection of brass products in our sales range.

Welded steel tubes

Welded steel tubes are available in a wide variety of designs and have a wide range of applications: from pressurised applications at room temperature, to applications at elevated temperatures, to higher demands on the compressive stress. Welded steel tubes are also often used as construction elements in steel construction or mechanical engineering, e.g. as rollers.

Hardox tubes

HARDOX® stands for high performance and a long service life.

The abrasion-resistant tubes are as hard and tough as the well-known Hardox wear plates and offer exceptional performance when you need high wear resistance and a lighter product.

Hollow sections and profile tubes

Steel tubes with a square or rectangular cross-section are available in the following versions.

Hollow sections are produced according to EN 10210 (hot rolled) and EN 10219 (cold finished) standards and are mainly used in the construction industry.

Welded profile tubes according to EN 10305-5 can be used for various constructions thanks to their excellent price/performance ratio.

Exclusively we also offer a selection of seamless profile tubes according to EN 10305-1.


Machine parts and components according to drawing 

We are your full-service provider for outsourcing services with our networked know-how regarding material and process competencies, enriched with an appropriate system for controlling and monitoring processes.

Brütsch/Rüegger Metals undoubtedly has material competence, and for manufacturing competence there is an extensive network of production companies. 

Ground and polished shafts

Ready-to-install, precise shafts, ground to size (tolerance class 5) and inductively hardened for linear and drive technology as well as general mechanical engineering.

We can have this standard product produced for you in all common materials such as precious, ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as from aluminium to zircon in the diameter range from 0.20 - 140.00 mm in lengths up to 7'000 mm.

Screw conveyors / Screw blades

Screw flights or screw conveyors are mostly used for transport/conveying dusty, granular and fibrous materials. Screw conveyors can also be used as mixers during conveyance, for example in concrete conveying.

3D-Laser treatment

 3D lasers are a promising processing method for tubes and profiles of all kinds. As a central addition to our full range of long products, we now offer you this processing service. This unique combination of material competence and manufacturing know-how opens up innovative design possibilities for you with highly effective production processes.

Continuous casting

Continuous casting is suitable for semi-finished products of high quality. It stands for a very balanced composition of alloy components, is insensitive to cracking, has a low-stress material structure and, depending on the base material, has a high elongation. All these properties create excellent functional reliability, which also permits optimum mechanical machinability and formability.

Tubes DOM

The North American pioneer Copperweld has been producing DOM tubes at the Shelby/Ohio site for over 60 years.

Copperweld supplies the European market with tubes made of a low-carbon material such as TuffDOM 520 (comparable St. 52-3) and TuffDOM 620 (comparable STE 460).

The narrow tolerances, controlled mechanical properties and the smooth surface of DOM pipes lead to very good machining results and also enable further machining, such as hard chrome plating after appropriate pre-treatment.

Special profiles cold drawn

Does a steel pipe necessarily have to be round, square or rectangular?

Not at all. Special shaped steel pipes are as individual as your needs. You get practically everything from us.

The most varied shapes, wall thicknesses and tolerances. You define the product properties, we have - depending on requirements and quantity - the appropriate manufacturing process.

Flame cut parts

As an important addition to our full range of long products, we now also offer you flame-cut parts. These are often used as starting material for cubic workpieces. Especially for workpieces with flat alignment and complex contours, flame-cut parts are often the most economical variant in terms of raw material utilisation due to the optimum use of materials.

Bimetal tubes

TOKAT - Bronze (Cu Pb 20 Sn) and steel (E235) form a single bimetallic part that combines the advantageous mechanical properties of the two materials: friction and mechanical strength. As a result, Swiss-made bimetallic tubes solve your friction and sliding problems in linear and rotary guides.

Bimetallic tubes are the ideal complement to hardened/ground shafts. They are suitable as plain bearings and can be used in combination with ground shafts for both longitudinal and rotary movements.

Threaded Rods

The metric thread is used for threaded rods, screws and nuts for fastening non-positive connections.

The diameter is given in millimetres and marked with an "M", for example M8, M10 or M30. 

It is a right-hand thread.

Threaded Rods

The metric thread is used for threaded rods, screws and nuts for fastening non-positive connections.

The diameter is given in millimetres and marked with an "M", for example M8, M10 or M30. 

It is a right-hand thread.

Misc. products and steel (on request)

The slogan metal at your service embodies the basic values of Brütsch/Rüegger Metals AG in the market environment. Following the needs of modern manufacturing concepts, we see ourselves not only as a pure wholesaler of steel products, but also as a strategic partner in the value chain.

We are also your right partner for special grades and special requirements.


  • Heat-resistant steel tubes
  • Seamless steel tubes in 42CrMo4, SAE 4140
  • Bows, Fittings, Flanges
  • Low-temperature steel pipes TT St35 N etc.
  • Fine grain steel pipes FG47 (StE 460) etc.
  • others according to your specifications

We are pleased to check your inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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