Prefabrication services

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Cuts according to customer requirements.Thanks to our efficient machinery, we offer the flexibility of various internal cutting possibilities.

  • 11 Behringer bandsaws: Ø max. 850 mm
  • 3 Kaltenbach circular saws: Ø max. 153  mm
  • 1 KASTO bandsaw: Ø max. 330 mm
  • 1 IMET saws: Ø max. 120  mm

Chamfering / sharpening

Often applied to components to remove burrs, reduce the risk of injury and facilitate further use.

Scope chamfering automat / centering machine:
  • Chamfering: 45° / sharpening: 30°,  on one side or on both sides
  • Alternative: application of centring bores
  • Diameter from 4.00 to 100.00 mm
  • Lengths from 0.5 to 6.5 m
Scope orbital machine :
  • Chamfering: 45° / sharpening: 30°,  on one side or on both sides
  • Diameter from 30.00 to 200.00 mm
  • Lengths from 0.25 to 6.5 m


Your fixed cut parts are cleaned of saw burrs and drawing grease during the trowalisation process

  • Ø max. 200 mm
  • Length max. 200 mm


The deburring removes the resulting cut burrs and also has the effect of reducing the risk of injury from chips and brews.

  • RSA brush-deburring machine
  • Lengths from 0.1 to 3.0 m


Cleanly washed tubes - drawing grease and chips are removed.
This process is predestined for precision and cylinder tubes.

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