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3D-Laser treatment

3D lasers are a promising processing method for tubes and profiles of all kinds. As a central addition to our full range of long products, we now offer you this processing service. This unique combination of material competence and manufacturing know-how opens up innovative design possibilities for you with highly effective production processes.

Efficient processing 

Tubes and profiles with a wide range of shaping options

Structural constructions are often made of welded pipe sections. Here, 3D laser processing offers the unsurpassable advantage of being able to produce absolutely accurate saddle cuts with minimum effort and to chamfer the cut edges for subsequent welding processes - all in one step!

Where the laser is no longer suitable due to the material thickness or the type and fineness of the required processing, supplementary machining operations can be carried out on the same machines and in the same clamping.

The same also applies to any standard profiles or customer-specific special profiles, such as those used in vehicle construction, plant engineering or general mechanical engineering. Here too, supplementary machining operations such as drilling, recesses and cuts can be used to produce ready-to-install components in one clamping.

Cutting geometry and machining

Gone are the days of straight cuts, mitre cuts on the outer contours or elaborately milled edge breaks. Due to the free angulation of the laser head, arbitrary cutting geometries can be realized without additional effort in relation to the material thickness.

Profiles and dimensions

Round tubes

Ø min 20 mm
Ø max 815 mmL max 14 m

Square tubes

min 20 mm
max 800 mm
L max 14 m


min 20 mm
max 800 mm
L max 14 m

Supplementary machining operations

What can no longer be achieved with the laser due to the thickness of the material or the fineness and/or type of processing required, is done in the same clamping by machining.
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