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Interview with Andreas Fischer

He has been working for Brütsch/Rüegger Metals for more than 6 years, currently in sales

Single or team sport?
As a footballer for many years, there is only one answer: team sport.

Roger Federer or Cristiano Ronaldo?
Roger Federer is an icon in tennis for me. I appreciate his mental strength. After a defeat or an injury, Federer comes back stronger than before.

What does your typical weekend look like?
On weekends I like to do landscape work. It gives me pleasure to handle machines and gives me a good balance to the Büroalltag. In the evening it draws me with my young years now and then in the Zürcher nightlife.

What is particularly important to you at work?
A well-functioning team with a collegial relationship and the variety of activities are most important to me.

What was the craziest thing you have ever done?
The craziest thing was when I jumped from a meter-high bridge and did not know the water depth. Moreover, I read the day before that a person had an accident at this spot.

You have 4 hours more time in the day – what would you do?
I would spend more time with my family and friends and also sleep an hour or two more.

Which country would you like to travel and why?
I would like to travel to Finland to marvel at the northern lights.

Are you sure about this?