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Interview with Rahel Stalder

She has been working for Brütsch/Rüegger Metals for 10 years, currently for the Export and Components department.

Sand beach or Swiss Alps?
Swiss Alps. I am convinced that here in Switzerland we have beautiful and relaxing places to appreciate and discover.

What three things in your life could you not do without?
Honest conversations, deep relationships and worthwhile goals - these are the three things I would not and cannot do without.

What was your dream job as a child?
Difficult question: If I go back to my childhood, I can imagine that I would have liked to either do something with animals
with animals or dreamed of a really action-packed job - secret agent or something similar ...

What three personality traits would your colleagues describe you as?
Humorous, helpful and conscientious.

If you had an infinite amount of money, what would you do?
Stay myself! Of course, one focus would be to invest the money in a way that provides for myself and those close to me financially in the long term. But I would also focus on supporting those in need.

What situations can upset you?
Honestly, I usually keep a cool head and stay in control. However, I find it extremely difficult when
I am deceived or justice (fairness) is lacking!

What bad habit would you like to get rid of?
If I could, I would stop setting my alarm clock to "snooze" every morning ...

What job would you do if money was no object?
I would be a volunteer in the field of assisted animal therapy, enriching the lives of fellow human beings with the help of a therapy dog.

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